Lawn Aeration

Aeration allows more air into the root zone of the lawn creating a healthier eco-system and better growing environment for your grass. It is also an ideal opportunity to apply a Top Dressing or Lawn Feed. Both hollow and solid tine aeration are available.

Why is aeration needed?

The grasses on our lawns are easily stressed. Their roots need the correct balance of solids, water and air to thrive and remain healthy. As we use our lawns throughout the year they will become increasingly compacted, reducing the amount of air present and preventing healthy microbial activity in the soil. The process of aeration will create small channels in the lawn surface, allowing more air back into the root zone, resulting in improved grass health.

Lawn Response Aeration solutions

How often to aerate?

In theory you can aerate as often as you like. However, this should be guided by the need to reduce compaction in your lawn. Through taking and examining core samples from your lawn, your Lawnresponse technician will be able to provide advice on the frequency of aeration required. It is also best to avoid aerating during very dry conditions or when it is frosty. Many Lawnresponse customers build aeration into their annual lawn care plan and have it completed at the same time as scarifying.

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