Lawn Repairs & Control

All our Repair and Control works can be carried out individually or as part of a lawn care plan including Treatments.


The mechanical removal of excessive organic matter and moss from around the stem of the grass. This helps to maintain a healthy growing environment and give renewed grass thickening during the warmer months


Hollow tine aeration removes plugs from the lawn to let more air back into the root zone, creating a healthier eco-system

Top Dressing

Sand/loam applied to correct surface irregularities, enhance seed germination, aid thatch control and improve soil structure

Lawn Renovation

If your lawn is in very poor condition you may find it mainly consists of thatch, moss and a good proportion of weeds. If so you require a lawn renovation. This will involve an intense scarifying, aeration, over-seeding and top dressing. The recovery time is longer but the resulting healthy grass growth makes it worthwhile

Over seeding

Applying grass seed to help with density or species mix

Lawn Disease

Treatment for red thread, fusarium, rust, mildew and other less common diseases

Pest Control

Control of chafer grubs, ants and worms.


Maintain good lawn health and a neat stripped lawn. Our professional mowing service is available weekly or fortnightly. Edges are trimmed and any clippings blown from paths or plant beds with every cut. Clippings can be taken away if requested.

Leaf removal

Keep your lawn clear and healthy with the removal of leaves and unwanted debris.

Hard surface cleaning

Treat any moss or weeds on paths, driveways and patios

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